Gravitas Arisugawa

Statement from the Architect


The architecture of Gravitas Arisugawa derives from a simple, geometric interplay of solids and voids, strategically intertwined and articulated to express this building’s relationship to its immediate central city environs and skyline views.

Elevated above its much sought-after Central Tokyo location, the residences’ living and entertainment spaces enjoy spectacular views of this world city. Whether entertaining guests or sitting by the fire in the spacious, high-ceilinged living room, or lounging on the 4th floor sky-terrace, copious daytime city vistas and light-filled nighttime panoramas are the driving force behind the building’s architecture. Its solid, contemporary cubist form is articulated by a two-level array of windows stacked in the living and master bedroom corner, giving expression and unfettered access to this principal view corridor.

Slightly shifted off-axis, a vertical concrete and glass shaft contains the elevator and light-filled, sculpted stair. This volume punctuates the cubic mass of the building, rising from both the private entry and sunken guestroom gardens, leading one’s eye up a dramatic, 3-storey atrium with its internal balconies and 5-storey stair hall, terminating above the sky terrace to which it gives convenient access.

Contrasting with the elegant lighter urban tone of the treated concrete building mass, the dark metal-canopied porch corner and 3-car garage door provide base compositional elements that draw the visitor naturally past the pocket-garden to the front door. This sequence compresses perspective and prepares for a sudden perception of expansion upon passage into the lobby, where uninterrupted interior spaces flow and conjoin across multi-level voids to enhance the sense of openness. Natural light, city and garden views are ever-present.In contrast, intimate spaces, including the multi-function media room and glass-walled wine cellar, are just some of the amenity offerings for residents and guests. Abundant natural materials, including dark marble floors and light-stained oak wall and doors, are used throughout.  A carefully selected palette of elegant materials and cool colors integrate seamlessly with a natural and artificial lighting concept that provides, in any season, a consistent sense of understated elegance throughout this Gravitas Residence’s unique and memorable architecture and interior design.

Riccardo Tossani


The GRAVITAS series of properties are high-end, of global scale, and embody the notion of ”a true mansion in the city centre”. Building upon knowledge cultivated as a comprehensive real estate service for wealthy customers we developed this new category of residence to satisfy the expectations of elite society.

The word gravitas has the meaning of dignity and seriousness. We extended this concept to encompass elegance and modern and stylish design to satisfy the requirements of a high-end mansion residence.

We are passionate about creating one-of-a-kind homes in the heart of central Tokyo that act as restorative residences for global leaders.


Housing Japan K.K.

Year established: 2000

Housing Japan provides comprehensive real estate services to customers in Japan and overseas with a focus on the Tokyo and Minato Ward property market. Our services include: sales, leasing, property management, resort property, investment property, and management of property development projects.

Notable Projects:

  • Gravitas Akasaka – 2 standalone RC houses (2014-2015). 390 sqm (4 bedrooms)
  • Gravitas MinamiAzabu – 1 standalone RC house (2017-2018). 405 sqm (4 bedrooms)
  • Zenith Akasaka – 1 standalone RC house (2020). 386.10 sqm (3 bedrooms)
  • Gravitas Arisugawa – 1 standalone RC house (Ongoing). 449.64 sqm (4 bedrooms)



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